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Baby-Proofing 101: How to Choose the Right Baby Gate for Your Home

As a parent, the first thing on our minds (other than our next vacation 😅) is ensuring the safety of our children. Their curious minds and active little hands can find a lot of trouble at home. What better way to keep them safe while still allowing them the freedom to roam than with a trusty baby gate. But with so many different types and styles of gates to choose from, how do you know which one is the best fit for your home? Here are a few tips to help you decide.

Toddler climbing safety gate
Escape artist in action. 😅

You must first determine which areas of your home require a baby gate. This could include a staircase, the kitchen doorway, or any other area that you believe is dangerous to your child. After you've determined these key areas, you must decide which type of gate is best for you. There are three types to choose from: pressure-mounted, hardware-mounted, and retractable.

Pressure-mounted gates are perfect for renters or those who do not want to damage their walls. It is quick and easy to install and uses pressure to stay in place. But don't expect it to hold up against a determined toddler who may be able to push it down with their little hands. So, make sure to choose a gate that is sturdy enough to withstand their Houdini-like attempts at freedom😅. These types of gates are best suited for children who are unable to climb i.e. creeping babies.

Hardware-mounted gates are most secure and are the best choice for older children or for use at the top of a staircase. These gates are attached to the wall with screws making then more stable than pressure-mounted gates.

Retractable gates are a newer option that retracts out of the way when not in use, making them a good option for homes with a lot of foot traffic.

After you have determined the type of gate you will need, consider the height or width that is most appropriate for each location. It is important to ensure that the height of the gate exceeds that of your child and that the width is appropriate for the space where it will be installed. Avoid using gates that require extreme stretching to fit. These may not be secure enough to prevent your child from scaling over or taking them down.

We know there are skilled baby climbers out there. What are some of your baby gate stories? 😂

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