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Recommended sources for parents of children with special needs

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

The resources outlined below were used by our family and come highly recommended.

Mary Barbera Mary Barbera is an autism mom and a BCBA (Board Certified Behavioural Analyst). Her website contains free and paid courses. We learned the most from her! We got introduced to her through this amazing book: The Verbal Behaviour Approach

The OT Toolbox Invaluable blogs, advice and resources regarding Occupational Therapy.

This website contains tons of free and VERY cheap resources to target almost every developmental delay. Most can be printed and laminated, or used virtually.

Local articles highlighting persons and families with special needs: Radica Mahase - Trinidad and Tobago Newsday Professionals who greatly helped us on our journey: Developmental Pediatrician: Dr Jasmine Ramcharan Contact: (868) 667-4330

Applied Behavioural Analysis: (Florida Based) Progressive Behavioural Science Website: PBS Therapy Contact: (305) 807-1909 E-mail:

Jigsaw Therapeutic Services Contact: (868) 339-3058

Occupational Therapy:

Anastasia Martinez Website: Life Occupational Therapy Contact: (868) 764-6597

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