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Things I loved...and hated about pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a memorable experience. For a lucky few women, it is a "walk through the park". Their skin glows, hair grows and they've never felt better. But it's not all roses for the typical pregnant mom. Here's a list of the ups and downs I experienced during my pregnancies.

Ups first!

  1. Food I love eating. I am a total foodie. During pregnancy my husband did whatever it took to meet my every food craving. Sometimes it was simply toast, other times it was a fat juicy burger. Quite often it was plain cake – no icing. No one leaves a pregnant woman hungry, right? Thankfully I’m also a huge fan of fruit so my indulgences were not all unhealthy, lol. But yeh, I really enjoyed “eating for TWO” shamelessly.

  2. Sleep I’m generally not a napper, but during pregnancy I need my SLEEP. I enjoyed so many guilt free naps. Over and over I was encouraged to “Sleep before baby comes…” Y’all know how it goes. And well, I did. A lot.

  3. VIP treatment When people see your growing belly, they roll out the red carpet, sometimes. I happily did all of the bank errands because as soon as I entered I would be ushered to the special line. I seldom waited in grocery stores or on lines to public bathrooms. Someone always spotted my belly and allowed me to move ahead. It was lovely.

  4. Good hair days abound My hair never looked better than during my second pregnancy. It grew so full and so thick, thinking about it makes me consider getting pregnant again. I JOKE. Apparently, when you're pregnant, everything in your body is growing more quickly due to increased hormone levels, and that includes your hair (and nails).

  5. Never having to suck in my belly I was always a slim girl… until marriage. Love makes you gain weight, they say? Well, months into marriage I looked like I was receiving a little too much love. I grew very conscious of my pouch, but being pregnant meant I no longer had a pouch, but a "belly bump" to flaunt - not to “tuck in”. That part was awesome! I wore body-con dresses and all the fitted tops that I run from post-pregnancy. Belly bump, bulging boobs, thick thighs – I got and loved them all!

But of course, all of these perks were not without some real discomforts. Now, for the downs 👎🏻

  1. Nausea Just typing the word brings makes my tummy start to turn. For the majority of both pregnancies I suffered with nausea (and sometimes vomiting) that would just not go away. Eating made me nauseous, not eating made me nauseous, walking made me nauseous, talking made me nauseous. Honestly, just living meant I had to deal with nausea. That was so very unpleasant.

  2. My New Super Sense of Smell I knew I was pregnant when I started to smell EVERYTHING. I did not even need a pregnancy test to confirm it. I could smell whether my husband had spent 5 minutes outside before coming to bed. I could smell the flushing of the toilet. Perfumes gave me an instant headache. I could smell just about everything, and I really did not like it. Thankfully, shortly after birth, my sense of smell returned to normal and my husband came to bed every night smelling great again – whether he had had some fresh air minutes before bed, or not. 😂

What are some of the things you loved, or REALLY hated about being pregnant? Tell us in the comments section below!

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