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Tips For Feeding Young Children

Introducing solid foods to a young baby can be a very exciting, yet intimidating adventure! Exciting because there's a wide world of tastes and textures that we can't wait to see our baby enjoy. Intimidating because the risk of allergic reactions or choking is present. Here are some food safety tips that must be considered when feeding your little one, so that you both can relax and enjoy the wonderful world of food fun that awaits!

1. Start with soft finger foods such as small pieces of banana and foods that have been well-cooked and mashed or cut in tiny pieces. Even if your baby has teeth, it does not mean he/she can handle all types of food. Don't offer small, firm foods such as: nuts, seeds, popcorn, dry flake cereal, chips, pretzels, chunks of raw vegetables, whole cherry tomatoes or grapes, whole kernels of corn and whole olives.

2. Keep a very close eye on young children while eating. Don't leave the room. Accidents can happen very quickly. Also, listen out for strange, choking sounds and other signs of discomfort.

3. Encourage children to chew well, and to take their time while eating. Mealtime and snack time should be a time for sitting. Running and playing while eating and drinking increases the risk of choking. Similarly, a child should never eat while riding in a car seat. You or another driver might not be able to respond quickly if your child begins to choke.

4. Package labels are very important. Make it a practice to read them. Foods with high choking risks often have warning labels which will help to guide you to make suitable food choices for your baby.

5. Always be prepared to act quickly while your child is feeding. Keep your hands free and be attentive. First aid and CPR may be required if your child is choking. Parents can access online CPR training through this incredible website: Infant CPR Classes - Online CPR & Choking Relief

Do you have additional tips for our mommies? You can share them in the comments below, or hop over to the mommies forum chat on feeding tips: Feeding Tips for young babies | Preggy Plus Blog

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