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5 Secrets of Happy Working Moms

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

As moms, we are all busy. The responsibilities at home and at work are never-ending and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But, we don't have to be. Several busy, working moms have learned the art of prioritizing, managing time, and enlisting help. We're giving you the top 5 secrets of happy working moms who manage to keep their head above the water.

1. Use a Planner to Stay on Schedule Busy moms acknowledge that they may not keep every detail prioritized and in order if relying only on “BMB” (busy-mom-brain). A planner helps us to manage time well and gives guidance throughout the day. Take the last 5 minutes before bed to quickly jot down the plans for the day. Review them first thing in the morning and scratch them off as you go.

2. Rise before the kids

As moms, our lives often revolve around the family’s needs and schedules. Waking up to “I’m hungry, mom!” gives us no time to adjust to the day and we often end up playing catch up with a multitude of tasks. Deciding to wake up earlier – even if only 15 minutes earlier – is truly beneficial. Imagine a quick workout, quiet breakfast, showering solo or with hubby and the peace of preparing for the day alone.

3. Be Choosy About Children’s Activities Time outside of work is precious. And more than likely, after a busy day or work week, you need time to rest. Wisely select the activities your children are involved in so that your family has some downtime. It will help to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

4. Delegate and Get Help No one can do it all. If your kids are over 5, they can help with simple household tasks like cleaning their rooms, folding clothes, preparing a simple sandwich, clearing away dishes after dinner. Enlist the entire family to get the various household tasks done as a team. Or, examine your finances to determine if you can hire extra help.

5. Develop functional routines Healthy routines encourage good time-management. Ask yourself, "How best can I spend my time today, to make tomorrow lighter?" Here are some suggestions: Every morning, mentally plan dinner by thinking through what is available at home or what can be easily picked up after work. Every evening, throw a load into the wash and every morning throw it into the dryer. Even better if you have a delay wash feature! Tidy up before bed and pack backpacks and lunch-kits for the next morning.

Have any of these tips helped you in structuring your mom life, or working-mom life? Head to our forum: Mom Tips to share a tip of your own that can help another mama. One commenter will be selected to win one of the best local cookbooks "The Culinary Heritage of Trinbago", shown below! This cookbook contains every Trini & Tobagonian food under the sun - from chutney, to pelau, saheena, curried shrimp, rum cake, local ice-cream and more! The winner to be selected on Wednesday, 5th January.

If you want to impress yuh mudda in law, you need this in your life. 😆

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